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Maxcoin Philosophy & Principles

What is Maxcoin?

We are a Self Governed, tech-oriented, no hype community driven cryptocurrency. We are here for all, whether you’ve been with us since the start, or only just discovered us today. It is your coin and it’s in your hands, a true Eco-system of human interaction thru collaboration. We are Open Source / FOSS and Transparent, a permission-less system with no gate keeping, No regulation via kings/queens or presidents, just open consensus & organic growth via code and nodes.

No Pre-Mine, No ICO, Fair Launch Community Cryptocurrency

Maxcoin is a Fair launch, Old School Cryptocurrency with unique coin attribute. Launched in 2014, with no ICO, fundraising, pre-mine or founder rewards. We are battle tested, secure and robust.

Why organic growth?

Although, the advantages of inorganic growth can be immediate in the cryptocurrency world, we must not forget that that is the world we are escaping. In a post maximalist, blockchain agnostic and interoperable world, we need to be Maxcoiners, not Maximalists and allowed to grown organically, interdependent and decentralized.

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