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Maxcoin VM images

Currently we have three images supporting virtualbox, vmware and kvm. They come with precompiled maxcoin wallet, the images just require you to setup the maxcoin.conf file, setup your password, and you are ready to sync!

1. Download the image for your preferred virtualization software.

NOTE: Once downloaded, you must verify the images integrity which should match the sha256 checksum hash compare it with the checksums-images.txt.

Login Info


NOTE: the maxcoin user is sudoer

Install and Setup the virtual machine for VirtualBox

  1. Download and install 7Zip or already have a software that can un7zip 7zip files.
  2. Download VirtualBox from https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads and get the one that fits your Operative System.
  3. Download the VirtualBox image
  4. Install virtualbox folloing one of the manuals
  5. un7zip the downloaded VDI tar.xz file
  6. Follow the osboxes guide to setup the extracted image https://www.osboxes.org/guide/ at the VirtualBox Section

Setup/Mount a folder to share between guest and host.

To setup a shared folder betwwn guest and host use this guide

NOTE: The guest folder is used for dev and git updates. The host folder is used to compile and run source code in guest folder. REMEMBER TO UPDATE THE maxcoin.conf file and update your PASSWORD.

Install and Setup the virtual machine for KVM (GNU/Linux)

  1. Download the KVM image.
  2. Decompress the tar.xz image.
  3. Install kvm with qemu support by following one of this manuals
  4. Import the qcow2 image from qemu, following this guide from the 2. Import Qcow2 images using Virt-managersection.

Latest Blockchain automatic backups. (approx. 10 hours to sync)

In case your blockchain sync is going too slow, we have a temporal solution that is downloading the latest blockchain copy, Please refer to MIP2 if you want to help us distribute it in a better way

  1. Download the latest MaxCoin BlockChain
  2. Verify the hash corresponds to 6d73ef55cc7f1964bea3da875cb0aff1a992ffd9325dd81c2645fd290c20db38 Execute the following command to the downloaded file:
$sha256sum maxcoinBlockChainBack-1651801511.tar.xz 
6d73ef55cc7f1964bea3da875cb0aff1a992ffd9325dd81c2645fd290c20db38  maxcoinBlockChainBack-1651801511.tar.xz

Note: if the hash is diferent from this one, do not follow up and contact us at the telegram channel

  1. move the file to your home directory and extract the file
    $cd ~ && tar xvf maxcoinBlockChainBack-1651801511.tar.xz  
  2. execute the maxcoin-qt wallet
    $cd ~/maxcoin && ./maxcoin-qt  






  • Integrate dnsseed script and precopiled.
  • Integrate the linked manuals to the main howto and use them as references instead.
  • Check license for documentation.
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